Projects Powered by Tea

Here is a list of all the projects that I have worked on and I am allowed to display and/or are publicly accessible. There has been may more that I have done, but I just can't show you or allowed to tell you - and some aren't accessible anymore...

Quiz Master screenshot created by Tea Powered Projects.

Quiz Master is a quick app I wrote during the isolation period caused by COVID-19. My friends and family are big quiz fans and we wanted a way to input our answers and be able to mark them while being at home! My friend Samuel Holmes Films provided the logo. It is still a work in progress, but still useable enough to list here.

It is built in NodeJS and using SocketIO for the real-time communication.

Visit Website
A screenshot of the ATM Near me Website by Tea Powered Projects

ATMs Near Me is an ATM location service, where you input your postcode or use your current location it finds the closes ATMs near you. As with many of my projects, it has a PHP backend and server-side rendering and uses a MySQL database for its data. Its styling is done in SCSS bundled with Webpack and served in Node JS Express container. Visit Website
A screen shot of created by Tea Powered Projects

Any hobby modeller, wether is miniature painters, scale modellers or diorama artists know the frustration of finding a matching paint and looking through an endless amount of charts to try and find a match. is a website designed to be a searchable resource for finding matching paints and keeping track of your collection of paints. Visit Website
A screenshot of airsoft fields and events by Tea Powered Projects

I created the website airsoft fields to help like-minded airsoft players find different fields near them in the UK. With plans to expand on this to one-time events and ticketing, it's a great tool for any airsoft player. Oh, running around a field is another one of my main hobbies and a great source of exercise that is also very fun and great for team building! This project also served as a good refresher on NodeJS and a test project to try out LowDB. Visit Website
A screenshot of No man sky calculator by Tea Powered Projects

No Man's Sky - Blueprint Calculator

A quick application to calculate how many resources you need to create certain items for the game No Man's Sky. I originally made this calculator assist me in-game but decided to pretty it up and launch it. Visit Website
A screenshot of Local Postbox by Tea Powered Projects

Build with a friend, quite a few years ago now, Local Postbox has now helped over 180 million people find a postbox near them. I worked mainly on the backend and frontend integration but also over the years kept the site maintenance, working fast and the SEO up to scratch. Still to date my favourite application I have worked on. Averaging 80k sessions and over 200k page views a month, I'm always looking for ways to optimise and make the site better. Visit Website

What do you think?

Not a bad collection of projects over my time as a dev! If you would like to contact me about any of these projects or even better, let me help you with one of your own, drop me a email.