Greetings, I'm Callum Robley

I am 28 and I have been a full-stack developer for 11 years before a ‘full-stack’ developer was even a thing!

During the day I work in the industrial sector specialising in Bespoke Content Management Systems. I mostly use the following technologies in my day-to-day work: PHP, JavaScript, React, SCSS, GIT, Docker and more! Not only build these systems but I also architect, deploy and maintain them too. This gives me enough experience to allow me to take any project from idea to production.

Not only do I write code, but I also work on Digital and Offline Marketing, Photography and IT Support - I'm a busy guy!

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and you can contact me, maybe you can hire… me!*

* totally not a reference to the A-Team.

But… The exciting stuff… What do I work on during the night?

Short answer… A lot of things!

During the evening I am the director of the company Tea Powered Projects Limited - named after my reduced efficiency when working without cup of tea first.

During evenings and weekends, I work on my own projects, such as the websites Paint Conversion Charts, Local Postbox, ATM's Near Me and more. I also provide bespoke managed hosting and development for a variety of webshops, blogs, bespoke applications and emails email hosting.

When I'm not sat at a computer coding - I am working on my YouTube Channel dedicated to the scale model hobby and miniature games, such as Games Workshops: Warhammer 40k or Taking Photos, mainly of aircraft. But I intent to expand my YouTube reach in the future to other parts of my life, such as woodworking and other Maker projects.

Callum, you have far too many hobbies... - Megan Robley, My Boss a.k.a Wife


A Screenshot of the Website ATMs Near Me Created by Tea Powered Projects

Development & Hosting

A Screenshot of the Website ATMs Near Me Created by Tea Powered Projects

Models and YouTube