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PHP stands as one of the stalwarts of web development, powering countless dynamic websites and applications. At Tea Powered Projects, we harness the power of PHP to create bespoke solutions that drive businesses forward, ensuring they not only thrive in today's digital landscape but also lead.

  • Custom PHP Solutions

    Each business has unique needs. We tailor-make PHP applications that align seamlessly with your operational requirements.

  • CMS Development

    Utilise the power of PHP to manage content effortlessly, with systems that are intuitive and efficient.

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  • E-commerce Platforms

    Capitalize on the digital marketplace with PHP-based e-commerce sites that offer a splendid user experience and robust functionality.

  • API Integration & Development

    Seamlessly connect different software tools and platforms, ensuring a cohesive tech ecosystem for your business.

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In the constantly evolving world of web development, PHP remains a foundation upon which dynamic solutions are built. Tea Powered Projects taps into this powerful language, crafting solutions that are robust, scalable, and tailored to perfection. Our seasoned PHP developers don't just code; they collaborate, understanding your vision and translating it into a digital reality. Dive into the world of seamless online experiences with a partner that values innovation as much as you do.

Frequently asked questions

What versions of PHP do you specialise in?

We stay updated with the latest in PHP development and are proficient in a range of versions, from legacy to the most recent.

Can you migrate my existing website to a PHP-based platform?

Certainly! Our team is adept at migrating websites to PHP, ensuring a smooth transition while retaining all functionalities and improving performance.

Do you offer support and maintenance post-development?

Yes, at Tea Powered Projects, our relationship doesn't end post-launch. We offer continuous support and maintenance to ensure your PHP solutions remain updated and efficient.

Is PHP suitable for my startup's web application?

PHP is a versatile language, ideal for a wide range of applications. Discuss your specific needs with us, and we'll guide you on how PHP can benefit your startup.

Our Process

Here is our tried and tested workflow. Each step will need to be signed off before going on to the next.


Project Brief

A 30-minute to an hour in-depth consultation. The purpose, to gather as much information about your business needs and aims. Afterwards, we will get to work preparing a proposal ready for you to sign off.


Wireframe &

Once you have accepted our proposal, we will develop the wireframes for your website or application, as well as an in-depth development brief. We usually do this via video conference. Afterwards, we will follow up with an email outlining everything we discuss.


Frontend Design

Before we get to the complex task of backend development, we like to ensure the frontend is what you expect. You will now start to see your project come to life.


Backend Development

If you have any dynamic elements or integrations, we will build them in this step, the longest part of the process. We will always keep you updated via email, just to let you know how you are getting on.


Showing the world

Finally, we will make your website live! If it's to be hosted by us, it's a simple process of updating your DNS. Otherwise, we can either upload it to your designated host or send you the final code.

Don't worry. Even after the project is complete, we will keep in contact. After things have settled down and you are enjoying your new website, we will check in to make sure everything is working okay.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to find out more about our services or; If you would like us to work on your next project, contact us below! We can't wait to hear from you!



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Tea Powered Projects is a web design, software development and hosting company based in the Nottingham, UK. We create our own website and apps, we also create bespoke website and CMS systems for our clients.

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