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In the expansive realm of online gaming, every millisecond counts. Delays, lags, or downtimes can spell disaster for player experiences and game reputations. At Tea Powered Projects, we understand the intricacies of gaming dynamics and the crucial role a stable server plays. With our cutting-edge Game Server Hosting services, we provide the backbone your online games need to thrive and captivate your gaming audience.

  • High-Performance Servers

    Dedicated gaming servers ensuring lightning-fast response times, reduced lag, and superior in-game experiences.

  • Scalable Resources

    Solutions that grow with your gaming community, easily handling spikes in player numbers and activity.

  • Top-Tier Security

    Advanced security protocols to protect against DDoS attacks, hacks, and unauthorised access.

  • Customer Support

    Technical support ensuring your games are always up and running for your global audience


There are so many great software packages and programming languages, each with benefits. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest software and trying out new products to help expand our product base. Here is a list of a lot of the products we may use to solve your problem. If you require something not on the list don't worry! We have probably used, tried and tested it.

Server and DevOps

  •  - Ubuntu Icon used by DevOps providers Tea Powered ProjectsUbuntu
  •  - Windows Icon used by DevOps providers Tea Powered ProjectsWindows
  •  - GIT Icon used by DevOps providers Tea Powered ProjectsGIT
  •  - Docker Icon used by DevOps providers Tea Powered ProjectsDocker
  •  - Digital Ocean Icon used by DevOps providers Tea Powered ProjectsDigital Ocean
  •  - AWS Icon used by DevOps providers Tea Powered ProjectsAWS
  •  - GITLAB Icon used by DevOps providers Tea Powered ProjectsGitLab
  •  - GitHub Icon used by DevOps providers Tea Powered ProjectsGitHub

Tea Powered Projects is more than just a hosting provider; we're gamers at heart. Our passion for creating immersive gaming experiences drives our commitment to offering unparalleled server performance. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we design hosting solutions that cater to the unique demands of the gaming industry. With a relentless focus on uptime, speed, and security, we've fostered countless gaming worlds where players dive in and stay engaged, all backed by the assurance of our expert support and industry insights.

Frequently asked questions

How does Tea Powered Projects ensure minimal lag in games?

By using high-performance servers, optimising routes, and continuously monitoring traffic, we ensure that data packets travel the shortest possible path, resulting in minimal lag.

What security measures are in place to prevent DDoS attacks?

We deploy advanced DDoS protection, incorporating multiple layers of filtering to mitigate attacks and ensure uninterrupted gaming experiences.

Can I upgrade my server resources as my gaming community grows?

Absolutely. Our hosting solutions are designed for scalability, allowing you to quickly adjust resources in line with your evolving needs.

Is there a backup solution in place in case of server failures?

Yes, we run regular backups and maintain contingency plans to ensure data integrity and swift recovery in the unlikely event of a server failure.

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