Tea Powered Projects Chosen by TÜV UK to Develop a Bespoke Web Application for ISO/IEC 17024 Certification


Tea Powered Projects is thrilled to announce a transformative collaboration with TÜV UK, a distinguished certification and inspection body. Our joint endeavour involves the creation of a tailored Workflow Management System, designed as a web application, set to revolutionise the process for ISO/IEC 17024 permanent joining personnel certification. This innovative digital platform is poised to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in certification operations, marking a significant milestone in the world of certification of persons.

The Challenge

ISO/IEC 17024 was developed with the objective of achieving and promoting a globally accepted benchmark for organisations operating certification of persons. Yet, managing the certification process efficiently can be intricate and time-consuming. TÜV UK recognised the need for a customised digital solution that would streamline their certification operations, reduce manual work, and ensure strict compliance with ISO/IEC 17024 requirements.


Working with Tea Powered Projects has been a breath of fresh air, there were no pushy sales tactics or trying to sell us something we did not need. The whole process was efficient, detailed, transparent and 100% bespoke to our needs.The initial brief that we had when we approached Tea Powered Projects was basic and over the month’s the requirements changed considerably and Tea Powered Projects could always provide a solution, there was no requirement that could not be met!Tea Powered Projects supported TÜV UK throughout the whole process, from being available for meetings at short notice, providing support during audits and attending our Exchange of Experience to demonstrate the system.Tea Powered Projects have created an intelligent and intuitive system that is robust in providing us with a solution to a challenging situation and we are proud to say that we now have a system that is going to revolutionise the way we manage the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024 Permanent Joining Personnel Certification.

Chris Gray, Quality Manager (TÜV UK Limited)

The Web Application Solution

Tea Powered Projects, renowned for its expertise in crafting bespoke web applications, embarked on this ambitious project. Our team worked closely with TÜV UK to comprehensively analyse their unique needs and challenges. The result was the development of a sophisticated Web Application Workflow Management System, tailored to TÜV UK's specific certification procedures.

Key Features of the Web Application

  • Process Automation: The web application automates repetitive tasks, such as scheduling assessments, collecting evidence, and generating reports, drastically reducing the administrative burden on assessors.

  • Centralised Data Repository: All assessment-related data is centralised within the secure web application, ensuring assessors have access to the most up-to-date information while simplifying data retrieval and maintaining data integrity.

  • Customised Workflows: The web application facilitates the creation of customised assessment workflows, meticulously aligned with ISO/IEC 17024 requirements and TÜV UK's assessment processes.

  • Real-time Collaboration: Assessors can collaborate in real-time through the web application, sharing findings, tracking progress, and ensuring seamless communication and transparency throughout the assessment process.

  • Compliance Monitoring: The web application includes built-in checks to ensure assessments adhere to ISO/IEC 17024 requirements, significantly reducing the risk of non-compliance.

  • Data Analytics: Robust analytics tools embedded in the web application provide valuable data-driven insights that TÜV UK can use to continuously enhance their assessment processes.

Integration of International Standards to fulfil the requirements of the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations (PESR)

BS EN ISO 9606-1 - Certification testing of Welders –Steels
BS EN ISO 9606-2 - Certification testing of Welders – Aluminium /Aluminium Alloys
BS EN ISO 9606-3 - Certification testing of Welders – Copper and Copper Alloys
BS EN ISO 9606-4 - Certification testing of Welders – Nickel and Nickel Alloys
BS EN ISO 9606-5 - Certification testing of Welders – Titanium and Zirconium Alloys
BS EN ISO 13585 - Brazing – Certification test of brazers and brazing operators
BS EN ISO 14555 - Welding – Arc stud welding of metallic materials
BS EN ISO 14732 - Welding personnel – Certification of welding operators and weld setters for mechanised and automatic welding of metallic materials
BS ISO 24394 - Welding for aerospace applications. Certification test for welders and welding operators. Fusion welding of metallic components.
BS EN 14276 - Pressure equipment for refrigerating systems and heat pumps
BS 4872-1 -
Specification for approval testing of welders when welding procedure approval is not required. Fusion welding of steel
BS 4872-2 - Specification for approval testing of welders when welding procedure approval is not required. TIG or MIG welding of aluminium and its alloys
ASME - Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Section IX. Welding and brazing Certifications

The web application seamlessly integrates the international standards, which outline the requirements for the competence of permanent joining personnel. By incorporating these international standards, the system ensures that assessing for ISO/IEC 17024 certification in permanent joining personnel competence is precise, consistent, and compliant with industry-specific requirements.

Online Exam with Cheat Prevention Systems

To further enhance the capabilities of the web application, an online examination module with fraudulent prevention systems has been integrated. This feature allows assessors and certification candidates to perform exams online, ensuring a convenient and secure assessment process. The fraudulent prevention systems randomised questions and available answers and automated marking.

The Impact

The implementation of this Web Application Workflow Management System, with its integration of international standards and the addition of online exams with fraudulent prevention systems, is anticipated to have a profound and far-reaching impact on TÜV UK's assessing operations:

  • Increased Efficiency: Assessors can manage applications and complete assessments more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required for each certification process. Increased Efficiency: Clients can apply for ISO/IEC 17024 permanent joining personnel certification with ease through their dedicated online portal, reducing the time and effort required for each application.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Automation significantly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that assessments are conducted consistently and in strict compliance with ISO/IEC 17024 and international standards.

  • Improved Transparency: Stakeholders, including clients seeking ISO/IEC 17024 permanent joining personnel certification, will benefit from heightened transparency in the assessment process, promoting trust and confidence.

  • Secure Online Examinations: The addition of online exams with fraudulent prevention systems ensures the integrity of the certification process, allowing candidates to be evaluated fairly and accurately.

  • Data-Driven Insights: The web application's advanced analytics capabilities provide valuable data-driven insights that TÜV UK can use to continuously enhance their assessment processes.

Tea Powered Projects is honoured to partner with TÜV UK in the development of this groundbreaking Web Application Workflow Management System. By harnessing our expertise in crafting bespoke web applications, integrating ISO standards, and implementing secure online examination modules, we are setting a new standard for efficiency, quality, and security in ISO/IEC 17024 permanent joining personnel certification assessing. This project serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in addressing complex challenges within the certification and assessment industry. As the web application is deployed, it is poised to make a significant and lasting impact on the assessing landscape, benefiting both assessors and organisations seeking ISO/IEC 17024 permanent joining personnel certification in accordance with international standards and PESR.

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